Cooks cook-out Team Fairmont

Cook’s Cook Out and Helen Bavin Memorial Race Update

Yay – it’s that time of year again! It’s the much anticipated day where we gather at the pleasure of Gary and Trina Cook as they generously host the annual Cook’s Cook-out at the top of the hill.

There will be a hot dog BBQ, chips, drinks, and, everybody’s fave, DIY ice cream sundaes! 

Things kick off around 12:15 on Saturday and it’s open to Team Fairmont skiers and parents.

Thanks so much, in advance, Gary and Trina. We know it’s a big deal to make happen – hauling BBQs and a ton of foods to our scenic summit! Please know how much we all appreciate and look forward to it.

The Helen Bavin Memorial Race is on Sunday, March 10th. Coaches would like to get going by 10:00 am to begin warm-up and course inspection, with race start at 11:00 am. 

We always appreciate the help of parents. Roles we need to be filled are: helping distribute bibs/numbers, assisting coaches with the younger kids on the lift; keeping the race course clear of the general public, and other various and sundry tasks. Please check with Chris when you arrive to see if there’s anything needs done. 

Race details:


U6, U8, U12:  Dual SL/GS Kombi – Stubbies (SL) & Gates (GS); two runs, team format

U14+ (Junior Masters): SL – two runs, best-of format               


9:00 am Coach check-in & bib pickup outside Snow School Office

10:15-10:30am Course inspection

11:00am Race start – First come, first served                                              


Nancy Greene U6-U12 (Born 2014-2007)

Junior Masters (2006-2001)

Lift pass:                               


6-12 $15 (Includes Swim)

13 and up $20 (Includes Swim)


Nancy Greene: Team Award On Main Deck of Ski Chalet 45 min. After Final Run

Junior Masters: Individual Results On Main Deck of Ski Chalet 45 min. After Final Run



Presented to Head Coaches after Awards

Thanks all and see you on Saturday!