Expectations to Ensure Success!

Hi Team!

Last weekend was a great start to the 2019 season and we’re looking forward to a great year watching your youngsters expand their skills and develop into more confident, competent skiers.

Just a re-cap from Gary’s meeting at the end of the day on Saturday.

  1. All groups will be departing the Snow School sign at 10:30 sharp. Instructors will NOT be waiting for late-comers. If you are late, your child will have to catch up to us on the hill.
  2. We cannot say enough about the importance of preparedness, particularly when it comes to gear. For your child to progress as per the Team Fairmont goals, it’s SO important that your skier is outfitted with the appropriate gear. If you’re unclear as to what that entails, please read more HERE.
  3. In addition to appropriate equipment, it is VITAL that skis are properly tuned for racing. This will be different than the typical tuning performed in the rental shop. If you’d like more information about proper tuning technique, please stick around after skiing, 4pm on Saturday, January 12, as Gary will be providing a hands-on clinic. You can also refer to this video for a step-by-step guide.
  4. A calendar item: The Kimberley Nancy Green Festival, two full days of racing fun, will be taking place January 26 and 27, 2019.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to talk to Chris or Gary. They’re happy to help!

Help Us Help You: A Not-So-Gentle SKI TUNING Reminder!!

team fairmont racers ski tuning videos

Parents, Families, Friends…

We’re almost through our first month of the 2017/18 season and we are so pleased with the enthusiasm and progress that this team has demonstrated, even so early on.  We’re off to a great start!

That said, it’s become clear, particularly on a weekend such as we had last week – with hard, slick and fast conditions – that while the enthusiasm may be full on… the condition of the kids’ skis is, frankly, disappointing.

A quick but vigorous and fierce reminder:  along with the helmets, face warmers, and Little Hotties, we cannot stress enough, how INTEGRAL it is to your child’s preparation each weekend to have PROPERLY TUNED – EDGES FINELY SHARPENED FOR RACE TRAINING!!! – skis!

If you are at all reticent in tuning your child’s skis, in need of a refresher or just looking for some really good step-by-step guidance, please be sure to review the helpful videos below.  They should be able to take you properly from start to finish.  We are also ALWAYS available for questions or advice, if you need it.  Just ask!

Even better, if you don’t have the confidence or time to do it yourself, the lovely Peter Harding has offered $12.50/pair to sharpen; $5.00/pair to wax.  Drop off Sunday to have ready for the next Saturday.

We look forward to seeing the enthusiasm and progress continue through the season… while Chris, Paul and Gary look forward to ridding themselves of pesky 5 o’clock shadows WITH YOUR CHILDREN’S SKIS!!!