Alpine skiing equipment

Calendar Updates, Gear Reminder

Alpine skiing equipment

Just an update to announce regarding the calendar:

  • We have planned for three Club Series races – Feb 2, Feb 23, and Mar 9. These are fantastic opportunities to gauge progress and help develop young skiers competence and confidence in courses – fabulous for over-all ski development! That said, it’s great if you ensure these are days NOT missed.
  • The Helen Bavin Memorial ski race is scheduled for Sunday, March 10, 2019

A note about appropriate Team Fairmont gear: we encourage the use of proper ski racing equipment for good reason: when your child is on sharp skis of a shorter turn radius – race skis – they are much better able to meet the demands of our program and progress quickly and more confidently. An all-mountain or twin-tip ski is going to allow for larger more sweeping turns – not great for promoting the ski technique we seek to achieve in a developing skier.

Understand that our focus is NOT to develop ski racers, per se. What we want to encourage is a solid, competent, confident ski technique, and rapidly. Using the proper ski, that is appropriately tuned, helps us achieve this goal.

Speaking of tuning. We nag about tuning because to achieve our goals, SHARP EDGES ARE IMPORTANT!

If you need more information about the recommended equipment, please talk to Chris or Gary – they’re more than happy to help!

Additionally, please ask Chris or Gary about letting you try a comparable race ski for yourself so that you can see and, more importantly, feel the difference. The difference will surprise you and it will help you significantly in making more informed choices regarding your child’s gear.

See you Saturday!